New Driver Combo Course

Drivers of All Ages Welcome!


6 Hours of On-Road Instruction:

  • Three two-hour on the road sessions:

    Supervised driving with our certified instructors in our certified vehicles.

  • Driver’s Exam Testing and Scheduling
    If you are a Luzerne County or Tunkhannock High School student, we will give you the Driver’s Exam. If not, we will schedule your Driver’s Exam. We are generally able to set up DMV dates sooner than the public.

  • Use of Certified Quad A Vehicle to Take Your Driver’s Exam
    This is a great benefit because it will allow you to take the Driver’s Exam in the same vehicle you’ve trained in.

  • Driver’s Education Theory
    Must be completed by students 16-21 years of age. Completed from your home computer, at the student's leisure and pace.

  • Certificate of Completion - SAVE $$$ - Issued to students 16-21 years of age upon completion of course. It can be submitted to your insurance company to secure discounts they offer. If you need a referral to local insurance agents that have such discounts just let us know.

    If you are an adult or live outside of Luzerne County, we will assist with scheduling your DMV Exam date and take you there in one our certified vehicles to take your test. We can schedule test dates sooner than the public can in most cases. 



*Payment options available On plus & premium packageS

For more information, call us (570) 371-3798