Frequently Asked Questions


-Do I need a permit to start lessons?

Yes. Call us once you have your permit in hand. We do book up fast.

-Do we have to come to your location?

No. We will arrange to meet and drop-off at central locations near your home or school.

-Do I take lessons in your cars?

Yes. We have a fleet of certified driver training vehicles.

-Can I rent a car from you to take my test in?

No. However if you take lessons with us, we can schedule your DMV exam, and provide one of our vehicles for you to take it in.

-Are driving lessons required for new drivers in Pennsylvania?

No. PennDot does not require professional driving lessons for drivers. However , for drivers under the age of 18, PennDot does require practicing for at least 65 hours prior to taking the driving exam. Most insurance companies give multi-year discounts when you add a new teen-driver that has completed a state certified driver training program, like Quad A's . In some cases discounts are available until age 21 or older. Many insurance companies require at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training for discounts. Check with your insurance company for details, or call us for help.

-I’m having trouble scheduling my PennDot driving test. How does that work?

PennDot keeps changing the rules for scheduling driving exams. Give us a call and we can explain their latest changes, so you can get your exam scheduled.

AAAA Driving Academy 570-371-3798.


-Do you teach stick shift (manual transmission)?

 No. Sorry, we do not. All of our certified training vehicles have standard automatic transmissions.

-Do all insurance companies in Pennsylvania give discounts for taking your courses?

Most, but not all insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who take our combo courses or our adult six hour on road course. To find out for sure, call your insurance company and ask them. Many give discounts from age 16 to 21 or even ages 16 to age 25.

-Does Quad A teach drivers over age 21?

 Yes. We’ve taught drivers in their 80s!

Bella and I wanted to offer this information as a testimonial to our experience:
Bella: The instructor was very kind and gave me much more confidence when driving on the road and highways. He gave me the extra feed back I needed to become a good driver in addition to what my parents could give.
Robin: Our Quad A instructor was thorough and gave us feedback about Bella’s performance after each lesson. He chose driving routes that would both challenge our daughter and make her a cautious driver, such as merging onto highways at busy intersections and driving through small towns with low speed limits.
— Robin, Holy Redeemer HS Mom • Bella, Holy Redeemer HS Student