New Driver Combo Course Plus

Drivers of All Ages Welcome!


9 Hours of On-Road instruction:

  • This course covers all the course skills and traffic safety training included in Level 1 New Driver Beginners Course and Level 2 New Driver Course.

  • Includes six 90 minute lessons:

    • 3 Lessons early on in the students eligibility period.

    • 2 Lessons closer to students exam date

    • 1 Final advanced practice session directly before we administer their PA State Drivers Exam.

  • Skills include but are not limited to:

    • Basic Vehicle Operation:

      • Location of Lights, Controls and signals, etc…

      • Use of parking/emergency brake

      • Flat tire safety protocols and location of spare

      • Vehicle/engine warning lights

    • Traffic Safety:

      • Emergency vehicle safety laws and practices

      • Signaling, regular use of blinkers and hazard lights

      • Distraction avoidance, cell phone best practices (importance of not texting while driving).

      • Answers to the question: “What do i do if i’m in an accident?”

    • City and Highway Driving Techniques:

      • Entering and exiting City traffic

      • Merging onto highways

    • Basic Parking Skills

  • Driver’s Exam Testing and Scheduling ($99 value): After completion of the final practice session, students will be tested by a Quad A Certified Examiner and awarded their drivers license upon passing the test.

  • Use of Certified Quad A Vehicle to Take Your Driver’s Exam ($40 Value):
    This is a great benefit because it will allow you to take the Driver’s Exam in the same vehicle you’ve trained in.

  • Driver’s Education Theory ($99 Value): Must be completed by students 16-21 years of age. Completed from your home computer, at the student's leisure and pace.

  • Certificate of Completion - SAVE $$$: Issued to students 16-21 years of age upon completion of course. It can be submitted to your insurance company to secure discounts they offer. If you need a referral to local insurance agents that have such discounts just let us know.