Level 1 New Driver Beginners Course

This course was created to give students a basic understanding of safe driving techniques, including basic vehicle operation, starting and stopping, merging into traffic and changing lanes.

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Level 1 New Driver BEGINNERS Course

4.5 Hours of On-Road Instruction:

  • Three 90 minute on the road sessions:

    Supervised driving with our certified instructors in our certified vehicles. This course covers basic vehicle operation, traffic safety, in addition to city and highway driver training. Completion of this course will allow students to advance to our Level 2 and Level 3 New Driver Course and makes them eligible to take The Finish Line course.

  • Includes Driver’s Education Theory ($99 Value)

    Must be completed by students 16-21 years of age. Completed from your home computer, at the student's leisure and pace.

  • Certificate of Completion - SAVE $$$ - Issued to students 16-21 years of age upon completion of this course and the The Finish Line course. It can be submitted to your insurance company to secure discounts they offer. If you need a referral to local insurance agents that have such discounts just let us know.

  • Provides a foundation for family practice sessions

  • This course provides the prerequisite skills needed for advancement to our Level 2 and Level 3 New Driver Course. These advanced courses teach advanced safety techniques, parking practice scenarios and even a mock Drivers Exam.

  • Completion of this course makes students eligible to advance to The Finish Line course.

    The Finish Line course provides students with an advanced practice session followed by a PA Drivers Exam.