Comprehensive 65 Hour Driver Training Program

This course provides students with a comprehensive, thorough journey, from begining to end, through all aspects of our new driver training programs.Throughout this course students will be tested and evaluated by our elite PA Certified Driving Instructors. Completion of this course provides students with every hour of driver training necessary to recieve a PA State Driver’s License. Every student that graduates from this advanced, comprehensive driver training program will have a complete understanding of each skill necessary to become a safe and competent driver.


Weeks 1-3

Included in this course, our Pennsylvania Drivers Education Theory Course ($99 Value) should be started before getting behind the wheel. Once students are ready, they will begin ON-ROAD driving instruction with our PA Certified Driving Instructors. We will commence with basic vehicle operation, traffic safety, in addition to city driving instruction.


weeks 4-6

Week 4 we will begin highway driving, merging in and out of traffic, passing and changing lanes. During the coming weeks we will concentrate on highway driving, focusing on saftey awareness and distraction avoidance. We will wrap up Week 6 with Basic Parking Skills Training.


weeks 7-9

Week 7 starts with Advanced Parking Skills Training and a Mock Driving Exam. This Exam is very similar to that which the student will encounter on exam day. The areas that need improvement, identified during the first Moch Driving Exam, will be follow by individualized practice sessions. Once the student is prepared an additional Mock Driving Exam will be administered. This will build confidence, ensuring a stress free exam day. The end of Week 9 will culminated in one final practice session followed by administration of an official PA Driver’s Exam. After passing this exam you will not need to go to the DMV, you will be a safe and licensed driver.