Welcome to the Quad A Driving Academy Teen Combo Course and Teen Combo Course Plus.

This page details what you need to do to complete the theory portion of our program. Read through the instructions below and click the orange link to download your theory folder. THIS IS IMPORTANT as we cannot complete your final on-the-road lesson or give you the Driver’s Exam without your four-page Theory ANSWER SHEET being completed.

Click here to download your Theory Folder. The ‘AAAA New Driver Course’ folder contains the following:

  1. 16 chapters of the ‘AAA How to Drive’ workbook, and ‘How To Drive Test’ workbook. Please read each chapter and answer ALL the questions included in the workbook.

  2. Also in the folder is the ‘AAA How to Drive Answer Sheet’ (it is a PDF file). Print this out and write in all your answers. If you have questions about how to properly use the ‘Answer Sheet’, just give us a call - we're always here to help.

    • DO NOT record answers on notebook paper. They cannot be accepted.

    • We can not accept answer sheets in bad condition. This is VERY important. So make sure your ‘Answer Sheet’ is not folded, wrinkled, stained, or ripped. And staple them together! You don't want to lose them along your way.

    • You are responsible for handing in the fully completed ‘Answer Sheet’ on the day of your final driving lesson with us.

    • You MUST answer the questions for EACH CHAPTER (1-16), along with the FINAL 50 QUESTION TEST.

  3. In the folder you will also find the PARENT CERTIFICATION FORM (it is a PDF file). If you are under the age of 18, you must print this form out and have your parent/legal guardian complete the top and middle sections. The middle section must have the signature and printed name of one of your parents/legal guardians. You are responsible for handing in the signed Parent Certification Form on the day of your final lesson and test, along with your four-page ‘Answer Sheet’, and a photocopy of your Driver’s Permit. If you forget to bring any of these three items with you on the day of your final lesson and test, we will NOT be able to give you the Driver’s Exam. If you are 18 years old, you are only required to bring your four-page ‘Answer sheet’ and a photocopy of your Driver’s Permit.

  4. The ‘AAAA New Driver Course Folder’ also contains other components to compliment your total experience. Read these as you go. These guides contain key lessons to staying safe on the road. So refer back to them as often as you need.


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